Electronic Notary Service

We offer the Electronic Notary Service (ENS) for depositing and proving the authenticity of the date and content of electronic material. Your electronic files are hashed using the standardized and recognized cryptographic hash functions MD5 and SHA1 resulting in two hash codes for each file.


A hash report is authenticated and signed by a lawyer from Codex and stored and securely together with the files. The client sends the files you would like to secure to Leogriff at the time it is created, which manages the files and generates the hash codes. A monthly hash report will be sent to the client. Any changes made in the files would result in completely different hash codes. ENS is therefore used to prove authenticity whenever this is challenged by a third party.

ENS is perfect for companies continuously creating electronic files as part of their Intellectual Property where there is a risk that the authenticity may be challenged in the future. It represents a striking proof in patent litigations and allegations from a third party of transferring know-how and IPR from competitors, partners and previous employers.

ENS is a subscription service with the following prices:

Establishment fee: 4000 NOK
Monthly fee for up to 10 files: 1500 NOK
Monthly fee for up to 20 files: 2000 NOK
Monthly fee for up to 30 files: 2500 NOK

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